To understand the full reality of life with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), Lilly created RA Matters, a first-of-its kind traditional and social media survey of over 6,200 people across eight countries.

People living with RA not only face swollen joints and debilitating pain and fatigue, they bear an emotional burden too – that can make them compromise some of the most fundamental aspects of life. Things many of us take for granted.

We believe that a deeper understanding of what matters most to individuals – in terms of relationships, activities, work and aspirations – can support people with RA to live the best lives possible.

By clicking on the one of the RA Matters theme links below you can explore the results of the survey, comparing responses of different groups of people living with RA, as well as the opinions of healthcare professionals (HCPs) that treat RA.

The RA Matters survey partnered with various patient advocacy groups from across the eight countries, engaging online social media communities – alongside traditional market research methods – to reach as many respondents as possible in a short space of time.

This site provides an opportunity for people to explore the results of RA Matters in a visual and interactive way.

For more information on the RA Matters survey and what the project hopes to achieve, click here